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The design and technical department serves as an integral part of Hanover’s success, delivering several functions that are critical to the progress and conclusion of each project.

The team are responsible for projects from inception to completion; through estimation, design proposal, installation, testing and handover.

Our team, headed by Managing Director Michael Weeden, acts as a crucial support mechanism for our on-site operatives, providing assistance and advice regarding equipment, fittings, cabling and other technical issues for which solutions are researched and implemented as quickly as possible.

Our in-house CAD services team co-ordinate and produce the drawings for each of our projects. They ensure that they are accurate, organised and co-ordinated with the client, architects, consultants and other trades.


Our Sectors


Delivering a range of build specifications from social housing to high end private residential properties.

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We offer all specialist systems required in health and ambulant care facilities. 

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We are experienced in delivering MEP services to educational and community focused developments.

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