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Our Approach

Hanover Building Services was founded in 1983 as a family business and we want to make sure that it is durable for future generations. This means we recognise the importance of our role in managing social, economic and environmental issues relating to our business.


We do this through our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, which considers our impacts on the workplace, environment, marketplace and community. Click on the links below to find out more about what we are doing.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy is spearheaded by our Managing Director Charlie Weeden, supported by the Board of Directors, and is integrated throughout the organisation to ensure it is part of our culture and the way we do business every day. 

Engagement with key clients, employees, community, environmental stakeholders, regulators, business partners, suppliers, and our shareholders is central to our approach. This has led to us achieving a range of accreditations which you can read more about here, and to joining a number of industry initiatives that form a key part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.


Hanover Building Services recognises that our people’s performance is the key driver of our growth and success. We work hard to make Hanover a great place to work and to build an inclusive culture that rewards great performance.

  • We are committed to creating a workplace in which diversity is valued and where there are equal opportunities.

  • We are currently working with Women in Construction to increase diversity and challenge perceptions of working in the construction industry

  • One of our junior electricians have held the title JTL Ambassador whilst an apprentice, to inspire other young women into the construction industry.

  • We provide a mechanisms by which employees can raise their views and be engaged in change and issues that affect the company. Our Directors carry out monthly visits to every site in order to gather feedback from the site management team and employees in to ensure the smooth running of operations and to flag any issues that may arise.

  • We provide a safe and secure workplace which is conducive to the health and welfare of employees.

    • We are accredited as part of the Safe Contractor Scheme; are listed on the Gas Safe Register; are a CHAS Accredited Contractor; are part of Balfour Beatty’s Zero Harm programme and are OHSAS 18001 registered. 

    • We have regular Health and Safety committee meetings attended by Directors, Contract Managers, Site Managers, Electricians and Apprentices

    • Click here to see more on our health and safety policy

  • We support employees with learning and development opportunities to help them reach their potential and maximise their contribution to our business objectives.

    • We ensure our staff are kept up to date with the latest thinking and industry regulation through training courses such as 17th Edition courses of the IE regulations and updated gas regulations.

    • We are committed to the continual professional development and upskilling of our workforce and encourage them to attend training courses such as 3D BIM Management courses.

    • We also provide a training fund that is open for all employees to apply to. Through this fund we have supported staff members to complete a diverse range of courses, including funding a member of staff to complete an Undergraduate Degrees in Electrical Mechanical Engineering.

  • We recognise and reward individuals on the basis of their own performance and that of the company and appraise performance on both the results that were achieved and how they were achieved. The Company Directors carry out yearly professional performance reviews with all members of staff.

Inspiring The Future

Today’s young people are the key to ensuring the future sustainability of Hanover Building Services and the wider industry. That’s why we are committed to inspiring the next generation of young people to work in the construction industry.


Inspiring The Future

  • Successful apprenticeships are at the heart of Hanover’s approach to social and commercial sustainability.

  • Four of our five Directors were apprentices themselves, so we understand the value of apprenticeships to our business. Click here to read more about our Directors.

  • As well as providing us with a skilled workforce to help us grow , apprenticeships also give young people hands-on experience, guidance and qualifications, to help them develop real skills in their career in the construction industry.

  • At a time when we have a record number of young people unemployed in the UK plus a skills shortage in Science, Maths, Technology and Maths (known as STEM skills), the provision of quality apprenticeships has never been more important.

Work experience


We also offer a structured work experience to inspire young people into construction and office management.



We recognise that in order to inspire the next generation into the construction industry we have to start early. That is why we are prioritising engagement with local schools. Click here to read more about our commitment to working with schools.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact both in our terms of our business operations, on the construction sites that we work on and in the products and services that we provide.

  • We provide products and services to meet the needs of its clients, while having consideration for the impact on the natural environment and communities where we operate.

  • We are an industry leader in the design and installation of products that minimise the environmental impact of the built environment such as renewables, photovoltaic, LED’s and Passive Housing.

  • We have implemented a quality and design system that uses mobile devices to reduce our paper consumption

  • We are ISO 14001 registered, which provides a framework for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to the environment by reducing harmful effects on the environment and providing evidence of continual improvement of environmental management.

  • We incorporate environmental considerations into procurement decisions and raise awareness and influence our supply chain to facilitate a reduction in their environment impact.

  • We minimise our energy, water and paper usage, through design, infrastructure and behaviour. For example. we have upgraded all the lighting in our offices to use LED’s which are significantly more efficient.  

  • We optimise the recycling of waste through providing adequate facilities and behaviour, and limit the use of hazardous material. We have a robust waster recycling system implemented on our premises.

  • We reduce unnecessary travel, encourage the use of alternative means of communication where practicable and reduce the impact of necessary travel. We have recently upgraded our fleet of vans to a more efficient model.


The continued growth of Hanover Building Service’s is dependant on continuing the excellent relationships we enjoy with our customers and suppliers, and on and building new ones. Key to achieving this is ensuring that Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in every interaction.

  • We are fully committed to provide high standards of service to clients:

    • We have completed the Supply Chain School Self-Assessment Tool and are working towards a Bronze certification by mid-2015. The School is a multi award winning initiative which represents a common approach to addressing sustainability within the construction sector through supply chain collaboration.

    • We have complaints procedures for clients to ensure their concerns are efficiently addressed on those occasions where there is a problem.

    • We track all reported defects and the Board of Director review these on a monthly basis in order to implement structural change to improve our working practices.

    • We run regular customer surveys where we average overall 8 out of 10 on customer satisfaction across a range of issues

    • Our dedication to providing the very best service to our clients has been recognised through being awarded Wates supplier of the year 2015 and Mansell Sub Contractor of the Year, 2011.

    • We are ISO 9001 which provides objective proof that a business has implemented an effective quality management system, and that it satisfies all of the requirements of the applicable standard.

    • We are registered on the Considerate Constructors Scheme as a sub contractor member

    • We are Building Confidence, Achilles, CHAS, Safe Contractor and Exor Accredited; are a NICEIC Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer and we are part of the Constructiononline Portal

  • We take a partnership approach to supply chain relations

    • We ensure that payments are made promptly, supplier complaints are reviewed, and that we use fair and transparent procurement methods. We have a robust escalation process in place for any disagreements with suppliers to ensure they are rapidly resolved.

    • We endeavour to give preference to products that can be used and disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We consider the while life costs when assessing product sustainability in the award of sub-contracts.

    • We realise the importance of working to stimulate the local economy around our projects. We aim to ensure that we practice non-discrimination of local small suppliers. Where particular suppliers have not been specified by the consultant, we aim to purchase from local wholesalers and suppliers.

    • We are a member of the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA), the UK's leading trade association representing the interests of contractors who design, install, inspect, test and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and services.

  • We operate in accordance with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements, and provide a mechanism and process whereby illegal and/or unethical behaviour can be reported and addressed.


We are proud of the contribution Hanover Building Services provides to our community though the services we provide, the creation of jobs and apprenticeships and the accompanying wealth produced.


Thousands of people live, work and play in the homes, offices, churches, hospitals and community spaces that we build. The high quality of our products and services contributes to enriching everyday lives through creating an improved built environment.


We go beyond our business operations to create value through the investment of our money and time in the community.


As part of our commitment to inspiring the next generation we are prioritising building relationships with local schools. We have registered with the Inspiring The Future programme which connects teachers with employers who are committed to raising the horizons and aspirations of young people through volunteering their time to work in schools.


We encourage and support employees in their own community activities and fundraising efforts, through the provision of time and/or financial contribution. We have raised over £5,000 for Action Medical Research and this year we are raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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